Ulises Conti was born in Buenos Aires, in 1974. He´s one of the most prolific Argentinian composers and sound artists. His music isn’t based in any specific genre. He has a vast list of interdisciplinary collaborations in the fields of visual arts, cinema, and performing arts. In 2008 he took part in the Performing America’s Project residency. In 2009, 2010, 2013 y 2015 he was invited to work with Lola Arias in Kammerspiele Munich, HAU Berlin and Theater Bremen, respectively. He has performed throughout America, Asia and Europe, with different projects, at the most prestigious museums, galleries and festivals of current times. Some highlights of his work are: Lost animals (2008), an audio tour where the spectator makes a night tour in search of an unknown car; Small concerts for an audience of one (2011) where a musician plays for just one spectator; the lecture Invisible piano (2013); and To walk and to listen / A walk for the ears (2015), a silent group walk around different cities. Mansalva Press published his first book In Auckland it is already tomorrow (2011), and Moving tape (2015), a selection of personal projects and collaborations. He has released nine records. The Japanese label Flau Records released his sound alphabet: The Greeks believed the stars were tiny holes through which the god listened to men (2014), and Atlas 2003 – 2013 (2013), an anthology with the highlights of his discography. During 2013, he performed in different Japanese cities, on a tour that included workshops, talks and concerts. For more than ten years he has directed the record label Metamusica, where, besides releasing his own music, he produces the work of other composers.