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Luis Frangella
Buenos Aires, 1944 - New York, 1990
Born in 1944 in Buenos Aires, Luis Frangella studied architecture at university of his hometown graduating in 1972. Only a year later he would move to Cambridge (Massachusetts) thanks to a scholarship to work as a Research Fellow in the Advanced Visual Studies area of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There he coincides with Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Maryanne Amacher and John Cage, among others. It was during this period that Frangella started his pictorial works, creating a lucid and subtle universe answering to his particular perception of the relationships among the objects and their proportions, in a constant research of the original veracity of things.
His laboratory-studio become into space of generating ideas and a permanent learning engine, from where the artist auscultates the world and transforms his perception. His work, primarily experimental, studies the form and the presence of each object. This is worked from the most objective reasoning in combination with the most subjective emotion. These run between a reflection on apparent reality, its empirical displacement towards other coordinates and the final metamorphosis that reveals that everything can be transformed and coexist peacefully.
In 1976 he moves to New York, where he continues his artistic development, as well as he collaborates with the organization of first Limbo exhibitions (an artists’ club) in the early eighties. In 1982 he got the Guggenheim scholarship and, two years later, he exhibits different expressionist paintings at ancient car doors on an individual exhibition at Civilian Warfare gallery. At the end of the decade, he exhibited habitually in Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Madrid, as well as at Gallery Julian Pretto in SoHo. He died young, at the age of 46, due to HIV.