Quien da cuerda al silencio

Composed and performed by Madelaine Gamondés
Produced by Ulises Conti
Mix and master recording: Félix Cristiani
Audiovisual production: Felipe Bozzani
Idea: Madelaine Gamondés and Ulises Conti
Recording Studio: La orquesta de Cristal
Mix and Master Recording Studio: Homonim
Cover Art: Madelaine Gamondés

The one who winds up silence is an audiovisual project that starts from the creation of a random sound system in which a specific natural object is assigned to each letter of the alphabet, number and punctuation mark, in order to give sounds to texts. These natural objects are a personal collection - gathered from the ground while walking. In this way, one goes back to man’s first intent on music, focused on and in constant surprise at the pure and isolated sounds of the resources at his disposal.