Ulises Conti: Director, composer
Mariano del Águila : Host
Mercedes D’Angelo: Design
Ariel Cusnir: Coordinator
Mariano del Águila: Presenter

El canto errante is a workshop that proposes a social and cultural exchange in one of the most vulnerable neighborhoods through literature, rap and hip hop. The first instance of the project was carried out at Secondary School No 43, Villa Fiorito, Lomas de Zamora in the framework of the Bienal of Performance 2019. As a starting point, this work links through rhymes, the adaptation of an original text that gives name to the work, written in 1907 by Rubén Darío, icon of modern poetry. The participants and protagonists of this artistic practice were enrolled through an open call to be part of the project and participate in the activities together with the composer and the artistic team. This preliminary instance was parte of the process and was carried out in the same place where the play took place. The project also dialogues with the way opera develops, that was the premise for thinking about the scenic representation of El canto errante.