Published by Mansalva

The poems of Ulises Conti in Copacabana Palace are little novels starring women, gangsters, sport cars, robots waiting for the end of the world and monsters with a heart of gold and glowing neon posters in the middle of the night… Written by someone who seems to be fugitive, by someone who escapes from his life searching for something indecipherable, always accompanied by disturbing moments and enigmatic characters immersed in a very deep fascination In this book things and characters are always leaving. Because the escape is what follows the abandonment -Conti seems to tell us- refugee in a hotel room, waiting for the night to be able to go out to record their stories, with an intention between tender and ruthless. Yesterday I thought that fear is a new fanaticism, as a consequence of the impossibility of loving; and today I keep thinking about it and reaffirming it as I read these poems.

Francisco Garamona.