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Los efímeros (The ephemeral ones) is the last album of the Argentinian composer and sound artist Ulises Conti. This orchestral work divided in 10 small movements was recorded in 2018 in the auditorium of the Usina del Arte in Buenos Aires. This project with fifteen musicians in scene, whose chamber music reminiscences represents the most classical side of the composer, seems to be the answer to his previous works; among which after a long way of varied styles, goes from electronic music IDM, ambient and field recordings to solo piano pieces.
Over the years, Ulises Conti has developed personal projects as the lecture performance, the soundwalks and concerts for an audience of one; but also works in collaboration with more than fifty soundtracks for dance, films and theatre plays. Nevertheless, Los efímeros is his neoclassical statement; where it outlines his predilection for the French horn, harp, viola and bassoon.

Composed by Ulises Conti
Arranged by Carlos Britez and Ulises Conti
Conducted by Carlos Britez
Recorded by Luis Aranosky
Recording assistance by Ana Eva Lopez Bouscayrol
Mixed by Mauro Taranto
Edited by Juan Ravioli
Recorded in the auditorium of the Usina del Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Designed by Mercedes D'Angelo

Violins: Marta Roca, Sergio Catelani, Lucía Herrera, Eugenio Estela
Violas: Mariano Malamud, Mariano Fan
Violoncellos: Paula Pomeraniec, Federico Sánchez
Double bass: Cristian Basto
French horn: Rodrigo Novoa
Trombone: David Fernández
Trumpet: Julián Goldstein
Bassoon: Julieta Di Fede
Harp: Sonia Álvarez
Timpani: Gonzalo Pérez
Produced by Ulises Conti