Albertina Carri

I am following in the footsteps of Isidro Velázquez, Argentinas last rustler. But, as the search for lost time is always erratic, am I really going after that fugitive of the bourgeois justice? Or am I going after my own footsteps, after my own heritage? So I travel to Chaco, to Cuba, seeking for a missing film. I also dig into film archives looking for moving corpses that could return to me something that was gone too early. What am I looking for? I search for movies, also for a family - of living and of dead. I seek a revolution, as well as some justice. I look for my missing mother and father, their remaining bones, their names, what they left on me. I realise I am making a western with my own life. I seek a voice, my own voice, through the noise and rage of those lives shattered by that same bourgeois justice that was looking for Isidro Velázquez. A.C. 2017