Composed, recorded and mixed: Ulises Conti
Mastering: Ismael Pinkler
Art: Lala Ladcani
Published Metamusica 2021

One morning after feeling lost for a long time, I made a decision that would change my life forever: to travel to an original community in Amazonas, record as many sounds as possible and do my thesis to finally put end my relationship with academia. Soon after I set out on the trip, after passing by several places I had been assigned to, I decided to stay in the community of Tenharim, in the middle of the of the jungle, composing, listening to their experiences , making field recordings and writing a small diary where I wrote down all my concerns. The trip continued for two years. Ritual songs, bells, boats, insects, waterfalls, monkeys, and clocks are some of the sonorities that were recorded in this work that 25 years later I finished composing.

Ulises Conti.