Idea and setting: Sergio De Loof
Music: Ulises Conti
Text and reading performance: Cecilia Pavón 
Production: Mercedes D´Angelo

In this unclassifiable piece (Shall we call it performance? homage? literary party? piano concerto? school play?) Sergio De Loof stands in front of the art-world to say: ‘Surmenage’, a manifest against present. As if the only possible reaction against the bustle of contemporary art world was to express weariness. De Loof, underground scene’s archduke, eternally excluded from galleries and museums, returns to the 19th century in order to find some space to invoke the first avant-gardist: ‘Rimbaud’, he says. Both the stress and chronic fatigue that lead us to a surmenage transmute, turning into inspiration. At an experimental scene setting, Cecilia Pavón reads fragments from Rimbaud’s ‘A Season in the Hell’ besides texts of her own and De Loof’s. Ulises Conti in the meantime plays some of his compositions.