Directed by Diana Szeinblum
Compañía Nacional de Danza Contemporánea


Samson is not longer the name of the extraordinary hero, the gladiator of the ancient jewish village. Samson is the temporary name of a corporal mass that marches towards a picture of battle. The common power of the undisciplined and indeterminate crowd mobilized by the reverberation of the nearby distance between the resonant bodies. They do not shape a totality choreographed as that one of the army, but surely an unexpected attack of affectibilities being organized in disbandment. A whole microphysic of sensation that produces corporal affective differences. Here, to be reflected is to move of yourself, to be on the edges of the conquered body, to be on the lookout of connective processes not established in the map: pure sensitive matter in repercussion. A spot in the picture is the possibility of an immanent tectonic of the bodies without face. What set of possibilities are activated in the connections of the bodies? How do we become productive? What other ways of organizing jointly do we find in the way?. Those are the questions of this outlined dance that assumes its tribulations and dangers. But besides, this dance can also draw a circle of silent energy of unload of movements in retreat and bring back new shared intensities. Therefore, dance disorders and re-designs the common place of the linked bodies; organizes other possible connections; reset the scene we see and we take part in; twists the sensitive spatial perception of a community, which is not organized, but surely is reinvented by other felt and imagined forms. “I pull out my eyes to think” says the ballerina, at the end of his dance ". Silvio Lang