Que azul QUE es ese mar

Directed by Eleonora Comelli


This work based on "Cruise", a short film that contains file images of a couple's trips between 1968 and 1989. The bodies of Héctor and Ana in the sixties are not the same as in the nineties. They changed in a noisy way, the years transformed them. “Que azul es ese mar” is a work interfered by time in which the past and the future exist together in the same present, in the same place.

Eleonora Comelli says: “To have the possibility of coming and going in time across a character who has two bodies. A young body and an old one in the same character. One is the past and other is the future. One is curious about his future while the other tries to remember. What is movement?. A continuous development that evidences its existence in time. Something is now but it it will stop being immediately later to become something else. Time is movement and movement transformation.”