Campo cascada

Written and directed by Gabriela Bejerman


Inspired in the work of the writer Jane Bowles, five women try to be part of this world but they get stuck on in their minds without being able to be themselves and, by the way, discover some form of love different from jail. Laura and Fanny know each other in a complex of cabins in the forest to which they come to find her’s identity and some kind of freedom. Meanwhile, the owner of a garage tries hopelessly to seduce a proud and difficult woman who sales sándwiches. Finally, the old, single and manipulative. Dora travels in search of his sister to bring her back home and apply her poisonous love.

Two parallel worlds, the rustic landscape of " Campo cascada" and a modern urban living of the forties, which finally cross. Five women in conflict with her own self that try to get free of her own ties, to face her impossibilities and fears in a humoristic tone and with Jane Bowles's absurd.

Is it possible to love and to be free at the same time? What is to be an independent woman? How to lose fear and to go out to the world? What threat does love hide?.