Una cosa por vez

Directed by Diana Szeinblum & Lucas Condro


What would happen if, for once, we suspend our habitual look on the objects and it turns to be them who guide our movements? Is there any own system of the objects, independent from the one we could project them? What is it that opens from the tension and the displacement of a subjective logic towards an objectual one? Concerning these questions orbit A thing at the time. All through two continued, identically different solos, a man and a woman move a limited series of objects: a table, a chair, a coiled cable and a plastic. The opening into the interior universe of these objects translates, under the language of the movement, the rest and the repetition, the invisible duel (physical and mental) that we start daily with them. The work shows the disassembly of two phrases that - consciously and unconsciously - regulate our daily life: "a thing for time" and "everything in its place”. It’s about making a pause to see to what extent these two logical subjective imperatives smooth the original power of the objects, preventing us from experiencing them as a purpose without end. Do we have objects or do they have us? Who does contemplate whom? What does it mean "contemplate" and “have"? Here there are no ideas but in the objects, which limits plan the limits of my world. To dig up until we reach the bottom of the objects; to open ourselves to the world of their details. Probably newly there, liberated of its utilitarian sense, we will be able to say that we really see the objects that we have. From the collision between the subjective and the objective logic, A Thing at the time allows us learn a new grammar of the objects, of the space and of the movement. To the emergency of an unknown language, where the human thing wants to be one with the objects: a man/woman-plastic-cable-table-chair.