¿Hace ruido el árbol que cae cuando no hay nadie para escucharlo?


This work took place in the second semester of the year 2013 without any apparent reason more than the need to spread and promote this dissertation. In this work the composer seemed to leave his place to be replaced by an investigator or a scientist of the sounds. From his neutrality and simplicity in the construction of the plan, we can estimate that this project doesn’t have any interest or visual pretensions more than the minimal possible objectivity to capture the act of a person reading, which we suppose, might be a conference or a treaty about the philosophy of sound. This visual economy seemed to reminds us to those records of routine that are usually written in museums, which rarely come to light and get lost in time and get spoilt in the shelves of the files of the institutions. Nevertheless, in this case, reality indicates us that we do not have a file of routine of a supposed institution, but a resource of conscious representation, across which we might be being questioned by a particular manipulation of the senses. We notice that the visual found information is minimal, practically void, but the sonorous content is loaded with meaning and in this formula is where it seemed to be an alteration in the audio-visual communication, since normally visual things are over sonorous things. In this opportunity, the image seemed to be submitted to this strange and mysterious world of sounds.