Sound mirrors

In his more recent projects Conti's work seemed to take a course away from music, at least, from what we commonly understand and perceive as music. Works like this seem to be indicative factors that the destiny of his current compositions is to invert the idea of “music as metaphor of sound” for “sound as metaphor of music”. In Sonorous mirrors, Ulises Conti proposed Juana Grichener, architect and composer, to design and build a series of monuments and sculptures in order to integrate them to the public space, not only to modify the context incorporating sonorous devices in the community space, but to generate more sonorous conscience in the collective listening.

The original idea of carrying out a project of monuments and sonorous sculptures appears from the need to make people aware of the acoustic environment, widening the ability of listening. The sonorous environment of any society is an important source of information and a faithful reflection that can supply us information more trustworthy than any statistics. This work proposes to learn to listen to the sonorous landscape as a musical piece, a space where the sounds could be examined, a way we can communicating and relate with the sonorous particles in a playful way or by investigation and experimental process that allows us to find a place for the sonorous thought creating small territories for the hearing of our environment.

A sonorous mirror is a passive device created to reflect or to concentrate sonorous waves. These devices of acoustic location are designed to reflect the sound proceeding from a specific direction, or to increase the hearing of the constant sources of the sonorous landscape.