Melancolía y manifestaciones

Directed by Lola Arias

Music and live performance

Melancholy and Demonstrations is a diary about a mother’s depression written by a very close witness: her own daughter. Different chapters tell about the mother’s relationship with her bed, her bodyguard-dog, her extravagant psychoanalysts, her suicidal fantasies. As the chapters take place the daughter has more and more questions: why did my mother get sick in 1976? Was it my birth? Was it the military coup? Was it just by coincidence? Is melancholy a disease or is it a way? If my mother stops crying when she hears the demonstrations can I cure my mother by taking her bed to Plaza de Mayo?
In Melancholy and demonstrations the author, a musician, an actress that doubles the real mother and a group of 75-year old performers reconstruct real past events in a small wooden box. The daughter’s words cross with small films, chronicles written by the mother, songs, memories’ re-enactments, interviews’ dubbings. It’s some sort of illustrated book about melancholy.

Vienner Festwochen
HAU Berlin
Centro Cultural Gral. San Martín
(Buenos Aires)