Los acantilados


CD / LP / metamusica / 009-12

Los Acantilados is Ulises ContiĀ“s seventh album published by Metamusica in a deluxe edition of three different formats: CD, digital and 180 gram. vinyl, with their respective free download card also able to listen in a digital format.
Ulises's music has always been difficult to pigeonhole, characterized by being moody and not rest in any genre. After Posters privados, his solo piano album recorded in Germany, he gives us an album which seems to have unraveled the mystery to compose not with sounds but with images, using unusual timbral palette. It is undeniable that their music seems to be increasingly isolated from reality, living in a strange limbo where they are experimental, classical, post rock and contemporary music. An intimate album built from an emotional rhythm that unfolds from the first to last track.