El piano invisible

Lecture and concert

Miau Miau / Proyecto Bamboo HQ

Dear friends,

I have the pleasure to invite you on Saturday, September 1st to a small musical experiment with an invisible piano. Yes, you listened well, an invisible piano: I am going to play a piano without the presence of it in the room. At first I hope not to let you down, although I must say that it is the first experience with these characteristics that I will carry out.

The piano was invented by the year 1700 by Bartolomeo Cristofori. Among its predecessors there are instruments such as the zither, the monochord, the clavichord or the dulcimer. Along the history there have been different types of pianos, the most common are the grand piano and the upright piano or of wall. "Piano" in Italian means softly, and in this case it is an apocope of the original term pianoforte, which refers to his shades softly and strongly, to the aptitude to produce sounds with different intensities depending on the strength to press the keys. In this case there won't be white or black keys, neither a piano. Anyway, do not imagine a futurist concert, fluxus or dadá.

I hope that you could all attend this sonorous experiment in the shape of conference - concert for invisible piano, maybe there are not many, or is it that destiny provides us a musical future without old instruments?

You can imagine what you want until next Thursday.

Invisibility is everyday nearer science than to magic.

Hope to see you,

Ulises Conti.