Posters Privados


Metamusica / 007-10

“Posters privados” is the fifth album of the composer and multi-instrumentalist Ulises Conti and the only one up to now where we can listen to him in solitary, cleared of all kinds of orchestra or assemble. This time it is only him and his piano. As if it was a musical self-portrait, in the foreground of his style, as a principle declaration, a biographical film, a personal diary or simply an invitation to the most intimate of his private world. This record is the result of a session of recording with direct captures that have not been edited, retouched or modified at any time of the production (everything that musicians do not leave us to listen). There are no courts, no re-recording and not tricks of assembly, only the need to deliver a real material as honest as possible. The drive of a musician in solitary interpreting his own music. Besides differing for the conditions mentioned before, this “old school” decision, has been a sine qua non condition to carry out this project. It is true, that we can also perceive certain anachronism in his compositions, which go, from subtle night prints to small pieces in way of swing, played without any kind of solemnity, as if he plays for himself, going through introspective and reflexive landscapes, which induce us into a contemplative condition while the cadences happen. A work that although could fit into the serious music or educated parameters, ends up turning into an experience of easy scout, extremely accessible.