Historia de una expedición

Sound Instalation

Jazmín Berakha y Ulises Conti
KDA Sonoro
Jardín Oculto Gallery

A parachute and a recording are the rest of a member of an expedition lost somewhere around the world. We listen to the record of a fragmented diary.

Day 17

I landed at half after eleven in the morning, after putting five hundred seventy five times the right foot in front of the left and five hundred seventy six times in front of the right. I started looking around to see in what kind of place was I and what to do. It was soaked and did not have clothes to change, or something to eat or drink to feel better. I did not have any alternative more than being devoured by a wild animal or die of hungry. Even worse, I did not even have a weapon to hunt.

Day 3

When I was a child I felt passion for maps. I could spent hours looking at South America, Africa or Australia, and get lost in the glorious exploration projects. At that time there were lots of empty spaces, and when I saw one in a map that became specially attractive for me (even though they all were) I used to put a finger on it and say: When I grow up I will be here. I remember that the north pole was one of those places. Well, I have not been there yet, and I think I’m not going to try.

The diary had been written mixing and editing fragments from a summary of chronicles of expeditions, joining different views in a new text with images of different times and places… giving as result the trips of a single man.