Apuntes para una Biografía Imaginaria

Directed by Edgardo Cozarinsky

The small stories that grow in the margins of History were not so much the subject as the tone that overflew the films -and the stories, and the essays, and the novels- of Edgardo Cozarinsky. And yet, there was always a novelistic dimension, a flow of lives, destinies, passions, and convictions that were al interfered and intertwined. Notes for an Imaginary Biography is, in that way, both a continuity and the opening of a new direction, since the microscopy of these stories -filmed, found, quoted, loving, painful, secret- has no pretension whatsoever of enlightening any sort of completeness. Its is part of a search ñthat Siamese twin of chanceñ that zigzags, finds and abandons, sheds a soft light and then vanishes, always leaving us with the gratifying feeling that there is more, much more, behind those beautiful and touching texts, those powerful and unknown images. In these times, when films are defined by excess, Notes produces an extraordinary effect: its moderation is so discrete and confessional that it reminds us the fact that films are not the rumor of the world, and that it´s made of nor better: that it is- the murmur of human beings.