Smoke & Mirrors


Santiago Taccetti
Centro Cultural San Martín


As an old custom in Corrientes Avenue, the viewer is constantly subjected to unmistakable signs that tell their passage through the right place. The timing also is right. Each establishment has its own way of drawing attention, inviting us to a new adventure. In reality the mechanisms are, and will be the same here and in any other in entertainment strip around the world.
In Corrientes, the buildings lose their architectural identity, as they become a backdrop and support to their temporary exteriors. Great neon signs, fake facades with historic reminiscence, ingenious trompe l'oeil that rely on partial darkness, large queues to enter an empty club, any trick is useful to draw our attention.
Smoke and Mirrors confronts the viewer that walks down the street as a great summary of the mechanisms of seduction. It also make a parody of the sad side of show bussines: The exclusion; the show is not for everyone, if the illusion is – It’s even public.