La bahía de San Francisco

Directed by Luciana Acuña and Fabián Gandini


There is a scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “Vertigo” in which the charactor of Kim Novak, pretending to be another woman, throws herself into the San Francisco Bay and so James Stewart, cheated by her, runs to the rescue. Obsessed with this scene, Luciana Acuña (co-director of the Krapp group) and Fabián Gandini ( the director of the company Contenido Bruto), present San Francisco Bay. The collaboration between both choreographers becomes a few variations, or even better, a reconstruction of that scene. The attempts of reconstruction go one after another as a canvas that gets painted again and again over what was already painted, showing us always only one part, which looks at another one of the same fragment that we do not see because literally it hides from us or because we have already seen it or are about to.