CD/metamusica / 003-05

Record of a summer mirage that revealed the possibility of using sound as an instrument to take possession of the universe that exceed the musical matter. It manages to eradicate the breach between multiple disciplines and to undress the beauty of an only outline. Walking along different places Ulises proposed to dissolve the eternal fight without words between an assembly of classic instruments and the electronic as a dream and adventure in a bet from the body. The succession of tracks does a balance between happiness of childhood and snowy landscapes. Sensibility and experimentation get combine, manipulated tensions, multiplied epiphanies by each of the eleven movements, “Pacífico” offers itself as a forge orchestra that splits before setting out on the return. And so, these shards of sound with new colors are spread deliriously along a fertile canvas and conceive an unsuspected microcosm that defies the gravity of time.