CD / metamusica / 001-03

The album possesses very defined ideas, even though they might not be premeditated. Its major and more successful bet is to bring together diversity in an appropriate and intelligible speech, fertile in movements that manage to catch the fluid and evanescent beauty in a stable form that contains it, with more music than instrumental gymnastics. Letting be nourished by influences, Ulises finds a trail to develop an own sound. Supply with that freedom that adorns life and that sudden desire of modify a predictable action, he shreds the map of styles to put it together once again in agreement with his pretensions. Through the whole the album there are cross-references and a series of recurrent motives that give coherence to it. There is nothing about ingenious or accidental in its construction, but aesthetic conscience: in disagreement with common perception, Ulises translates daily emptiness in sounds and a playful impulse carries him to cultivate the emptiness conciente of itself with an exasperating brilliancy.